It Will Be Easier if You Start Today!

The longer we wait to speak up or take action, the more difficult it seems to do it. Have you ever put off a tough conversation with a friend or coworker? And the more time that passed, the more anxious you felt about it. Most often times than not, our conversations go better than we anticipate, and we wish we would’ve spoken up sooner.

Last week I was having a friendly dispute with my coworkers about whether you should leave dirty dishes in the sink or next to it. I argued that they should be left beside the sink, so you have more room in the sink to wash to which my coworker replied “why don’t you just do your dishes right away? The longer you wait to clean them, the harder it is”. He was totally right. It’s funny how this idea not only applies to the mental difficulty of putting something off but also how physically it can make your tasks harder to do.

What if we just started our harder tasks without overthinking and went for it? You had the difficult conversations, cleaned your mess with out waiting for it to build up, began your workout without coming up with reasons why you don’t have enough time.

It will be easier if we start today. In fact, it will be easier if we start right now.

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