A Day in Jupiter, Fl

Today we spent the day in Jupiter Florida, and we were blown away to say the least. Prior to our trip we did a little bit of (Tik Tok) research, and found several videos raving about Blowing Rocks Preserve & Riverbend Park… We found our lunch spot, Food Shack, in our coupon book LOL sold to us by my coworker’s daughter.

Stop 1: Blowing Rocks Preserve

There’s limited parking at the Preserve. When we got there, the parking lot was full. We waited a few minutes for another family to leave to take their spot.

So when you enter the Preserve, you walk into a woodsy area. At the entrance there’s signage stating that the entrance fee is usually $2, but it was waived when we got there.. Not sure why.

The walk in the woods takes around 2-3 minutes and then you approach the beach and rocks! We laughed because the rocks looked ginormous on the videos we saw, but when you look out, the first few rocks are tiny. Don’t worry – they get larger as you go on!

Stop 2: Food Shack

After Blowing rocks, we were STARVING. Thankfully the drive to Food Shack was less than 15 minutes. Sadly the restaurant’s in a strip mall, but what else is to be expected in Florida? Lol.

We sat outside and were pleasantly surprised by the quality of food. We ordered the onion soup to start. For our main courses, we both ordered their crusted fish. The photo above was mine. It was a butternut & parmesan crusted snapper. The crust was shredded which I’ve never seen before and definitely want to try doing when I crust my meat going forward.

Stop 3: Riverbend Park

This place is magical. They have bike trails and kayaking. Today, we went for the kayaks, but have plans to go back to experience the scenic bike trails.

When we launched out into the river, it was so still that the reflection of the trees was crystal clear. It was jaw dropping.

We were excited when we saw turtles!!…. And entertained when we passed struggling drunk kayakers.

FYI: About halfway through the trip, there’s a small waterfall drop where the current starts picking up. It’s your friend on the way there, but on the way back, get ready for a work out!

More About the Day / Jupiter

  • We arrived in Jupiter at 12pm and left at around 4:30pm.
  • Jupiter has west coast Florida vibes. It’s slower paced than other areas in South Florida and less densely populated.
  • We’re a little obsessed with Jupiter now!

Thank you for reading!

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