The One Home Organization Hack that Has Changed My Life

It’s that time of the year again ya’ll – spring has sprung and it’s time for a deep house cleaning and organization sesh.

What areas of your home are in desperate need of attention right now?

For me, it was my closet. Now, I would say I’m an organized person by nature – it’s the Virgo in me 😉 buuuut I realized over the weekend that just because I had a place for everything, it didn’t necessarily mean that it was the right place. I had been dreading picking out my outfits every morning because my “everyday” clothing was tightly squeezed into my drawers.

So over the weekend I took everything out of my closet and I mean EVERYTHING. Once it was all out, I left it in a huge pile for the day. I was majorly struggling to decide what was to go where. I knew that I needed to have a plan of action before I started, so I spent the day mentally organizing.

That’s when I had the realization: The items that I use most frequently should be the easiest to access.

Yes, I know this sounds small, but once I took this into consideration, planning my closet re-organization became that much easier.

Because I wear my work clothes the most, they should be the easiest to find and access. Because I wear my weekend and gym clothes frequently, they are the second easiest items to access.

The clothes that I rarely wear? They have their place too, but since I don’t need to access them every day, they are in more inconvenient parts of my closet.

The clothes that I never wear? I’m shocked I kept them in my closet for as long as I did! They are being donated this week.

What are your favorite organization hacks? I would love to hear them!

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